Sunday, November 11, 2012

Applications & Multimedia Resources

Applications & Multimedia Resources


Google Docs is a Web-based word processing, presentation and spreadsheet program offered by Google.  This software is similar to the Walden online website and most online educational websites in that students can connect from any device that is internet accessible.  With this technology adult learners are able to collaborate on group projects at the same time by tracking and updating data, take quizzes, check grades and form discussions all on line.  I selected this technology because it’s free it does not require the need to sign up for any license.  I would use this technology to specifically allow multiple students to work outside of the classroom in groups several would be able to collaborate on one document as a group assignment then present as a group in addition I would build on conversations via discussion board and/or blog. 


This speech recognition technology assists with teaching students to read.  A reading monitor reads information to the student and then the student is afforded the opportunity to read the information back.  If the student is successful he/she receives positive feedback if not the user is able to try again.  As the students reading skills improve the monitor reads less and the student reads more on their own.  I selected this technology because ELL students need lots of practice hearing accurately spoken words and being given the opportunity to practice for accuracy and understanding on their own.  I would use this program in the classroom during instruction so that the students could revisit the material in class and at home.  I would also set up online tutorials for the student to utilize at home over the weekends and breaks.




  1. Aubrey,

    I have some experience with google docs, but I am working on how exactly to make the uploaded doc a collaborative doc that all memebers may work with me on in real time. To date I have only been able to work on papers one at a time. Any direction would be appreciated.

    I do find that Googledocs will help as students are able to submit homework on this site as well as allow them to work collaboratively on projects from their homes. This is where I would find the greatest value. Collaboration could therefore still take place outside of the classroom. This could allow the adult learners the ability to work together while working from their homes; minus the travel.

    I know this has been a perfect experience for me. I found this distace collaboration allows me the flexability of working alone yet still being a part of a group. Our last session was a testament to this ability. Jackson, Gaudet, McDaniel, and Brammer cite how this technology is already utilized by university professors to aid the verval-linguistic intelligent student (2009, pp 72 & 73).


    Jackson, A., Gaudet, L., McDaniel, L., & Brammer, D. (2009). Curriculum Integration: The Use of Technology to Support Learning. Journal Of College Teaching & Learning, 6(7), 71-78.

  2. Christopher,

    Google Docs is new to my campus and we too are experiencing problems. Several of us can be in the same document, but only one person can make changes and save. Once we get it figured out I will let you know, or if you figure it out let me know.

  3. Hi Aubrey,

    I am very interested in the technology, Reading Companion, which you have introduced. I can use it in my classes to improve my learners’ reading skills in English. In class, it is not possible to get twenty or more learners to read aloud for practice. By assigning my learners readings using this technology, I can offer them more chance to practice reading.

    Thank you for introducing this technology,


    1. Izlem,
      I look to use this resource when we start our targeted interventions on my campus. We also run into the problem of resistant readers.