Friday, December 21, 2012

Week 8

Week 8 Educational Technologies Blog

I visited one of Revonne’s site: it defines for users the nine elements that comprise being a solid digital citizen.  The user is able to click into each of the nine elements and read a prompt with resources.  What I like most about this site is that it is adult and child friendly.  The cite has different individual and group tasks.  The curriculum is designed to accommodate Pre-K thru 12th grades.  It has a professional development component for teachers and a resource page for parents.  I would use this site to introduce digital citizenship to students and to build on professional development with teachers who use technology in their classrooms.

I also visited Chris’ site: an internet safety site.  It is designed for K-12 programs teaching students about internet safety.  Each lesson includes activities and class discussions.  What is most interesting about this site is not only is it educational for students, but it also encourages educating parents by hosting a parent night.  The program also calls for law enforcement teaching a Predator identification awareness section.  I would use this site as a teaching component of internet safety for educators and to have students create a campus wide internet safety campaign not only for the campus but for their entire family.  This site makes it easy for the entire community to be involved in internet safety.







  1. Aubrey,
    I also visited Chris's site. It is so important to help young people become safer and more responsible with internet use. Not to mention, there are some users who are new to the internet and other applications who would also benefit from this site. I could easily use that as a supplemental resource site listed at the end of my syllabus so students will have something else useful to which they can refer.

    Octavia Thorns-Jackson

  2. I know what you mean by kid friendly or just easy to understand sites. If you get the chance you may want also consider the site as well. I found this with the help of William Caruso. He mentions there are videos and simple activities the learner can take advantage of in order to best help get its point across about the importance and responsibility being a digital citizen.

    Here I found movies and quizzes that could be used to advise and educate, through entertainment and activities. I find this site to be quite suitable as an introductory and icebreaker place to start for students understanding their responsibility as they tread new waters of internet and web surfing.
    Caruso, W. (2012, December 13). Digital citizenship, ethics, and netiquette [Blog post]. Retrieved from